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Silkworm's cocoon which remains after his mysterious life journey, coused form of a big branch of trade for centuries and formed read/ways from Asia to Europe. Turks, for long years, made production with techniques changing according to regions in silk fabric.

Also silk fabrics which are weaved in region Ödemiş are manifactured for centuries, with traditional methods and with the name of "Ödemiş Silk" which is well-known around the world.

Gül İpek Company, is a firm that transfered the art of not only "Ödemiş Silk" but from father the son, also weaving silk. Tehere are special products which can change in their colours and designs beside standard fabrics we put on the market. Tell us the colour and design of fabric you want, you wish, we embroidery or pinking.

We can make coupon production according to your wish.

Gül İpek Company serves its customers in or outside the country for years using the latest technology with its superior quality understanding and learned staff. We guaranty reliance and quality with our well-fitted.